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seat reservation

Seat Reservation

Users can reserve their best seats while booking a bus.

seat reservation

Online Payment

Passengers can pay for their reserved seat with their preferred payment options.

seat reservation

Intuitive Admin Panel

Easily Manage your transport company from the admin panel.

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Admin Panel

Nice graphical interface which provides at a glance all the navigation bars which the admin will use to take care of the workings of the transport company. It lists all the navigation tabs with ease of access for the admin at the click of a button.

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This navigation keeps records of all the travels made by the company together with the driver details, passenger details and the journey ID. There is also a link allowing the manifest for every journey to be easily printed and given to the driver at the start of the journey.

Nice Customer Interface

Your customers can now book for tickets and choose their desired seats in advance of their journeys.
Etransport stores customer's data and travel frequency. This can be used to provide incentives like discounts and gift cards to customers to increase their patronage.

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