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All salaries calculated and imputed via Payroll Software are 100% accurate and devoid of human error while minimizing the administrative time.


Pay Record Pro gives the user the choice of who to pay and who not to pay; allowing for persons no longer in the system or staff who failed to fulfil their duties to have their salaries withheld. Payments can also be made based on contracts and agreements to a specified group.


Pay Record Pro is equipped with ease to make additions in wages, salaries, allowances and bonuses while also with the facility to make deductions like taxes, contributions, insurance payments, etc.

Benefits of using
Pay Record Pro

Quick and easy workout and processing of calculations and deductions.

Ease in tax calculations and deductions.

Easy calculation of expenses, absences, benefits, overtime, bonuses and other additions and subtractions in salary.

Choice of employees to pay and those not to pay.

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Benefits of using
Pay Record Pro

Easy approvals and authorization generation.

Easy pay slips generation and distribution.

Convenient banking interface for easy and accurate.

Cloud-based software for ease of accessibility and availability.

Storage of data for ease of future payments.

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Technical support service is available to assist users on the most effective and accurate use of the product and other hitches they may encounter via chat, phone, email and live support.

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